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What to Expect in a Home Inspection?

Countywide-our-servicesMost often a home inspection is a contingency for the purchase of a home.  It is important that a professional and certified Fredericksburg home inspector is engaged to provide an independent, unbiased review of the house.  There may be items that need attention before the home is sold or longer term suggestions to maintain the integrity of the dwelling.  Countywide Home Inspections can do that for you.

Depending on the size and age of the home, it may take 3 to 4 hours to complete an inspection.  Most home inspectors provide a report electronically within 24 hours.  The report should include the areas inspected, photos, and special notes the inspector wants to point out to his/her client. Home inspections are an evaluation at the point in time the review was conducted.

What should be included in a home inspection?

✓ Outside the house, grounds, decks, porches, garage
✓ Structure of the home, foundation, roof, basement, attic, crawlspace
✓ Utilities, electrical, heat/AC, water heater
✓ Inside the house, all living spaces to include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry

Your Countywide home inspection will begin with a careful examination of the exterior of the house. We will examine the foundation, siding, gutters and roof, as well as the general condition of the property. Doors and windows, as well as any other penetrations such as vents, exhausts and utility cables (electric, telephone, cable TV, gas, etc.). We will also look for entry points and evidence of pests or rodents.

Once inside, the inspector will proceed from room to room, examining every feature of the home that is visible.  We will check outlets, switches, fixtures, interior doors, railings, and stairs. In every bathroom, we will check plumbing fixtures (e.g. toilets, sinks, tubs).  We will inspect the HVAC system which includes your furnace and air conditioner as well as the water heater and electrical system. All appliances that convey with the property will be checked for proper operation.  Unfinished spaces of the home, such as crawl spaces and attics, will be examined for proper insulation and any other problems that are present.  If we detect moisture inside the home we will check to see if the cause is coming from the outside. Sometimes an old leak could leave a water mark raising concerns.

The home inspector will also be looking for issues that could affect the energy usage of the home, as well as comfort issues: insufficient or improperly installed insulation, gaps around window frames and sashes or door frames, and whether appliances are nearing the end of their effective lifespans. Decaying window trim or door trim will be detected with a recommendation to fix the problem before it leads to a more serious issue.

During the inspection, we will take pictures where needed and include the photos in your inspection report drawing your attention to the specific area.

Click here for a sample report

InterNACHI Standards of Practice

International Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors

Radon Testing

What is radon? Radon is a natural gas that comes from uranium that decays in the soil. It can be transient, stay in an area, or come and go.   Radon is a natural product of our earth, but it’s not one you want in your home. It can cause serious health risks such as lung cancer or other health problems if you breathe it for a prolonged period of time. Radon can also be found in water as well. There are various health risks including cancer for water borne Radon. It is not visible; you can’t taste it, smell it or see it, but it should be taken seriously.

➣ Radon testing is highly recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPS) and other preeminent organizations in the U.S. which focus on the medical safety of homeowners. As a Fredericksburg home inspection company, Countywide Home Inspections is certified to test for radon by the National Radon Proficiency Program.   We work with laboratories to obtain results in a quick turnaround. If radon is determined to be present, we can refer you to mitigation specialists who can work with you on the best method for your home.

For more information please click on the following link to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Other Services

➣ Sellers Inspection
Similar to the “Buyers Inspection,” having your home inspected when you are planning to sell your home is a proactive step. You want the best price for your home and making sure things are in proper working order will minimize concerns when you list it for sale. Getting a professional’s evaluation may save you money in the long run.

➣ Re-inspections
If items need to be corrected as a result of a home inspection, we can come back to make sure they were done correctly.


Pricing and Payment Options

We perform home inspections based on the standards of practice set forth by InterNACHI (see above link).  Pricing starts at $295 and may increase for additional square footage.  Charges may apply for older homes (e.g. historical homes), duplicate HVAC systems, extra kitchens, and outbuildings.  Contact us to discuss your inspection needs and we will provide an exact quote.

Other services provided:

  • Radon testing with a home inspection $165
  • Re-inspections $125
  • New construction incl. foundation, pre-drywall and final inspection

*****Active Military and First Responder Discounts*****

Payment Methods – Major Credit Cards plus Debit Cards, Checks and Cash